Talent Strategy
Hengli has the talent as a strategic resource , personnel training , attracting and making significant use , macro , global ideas and arrangements. Train people , attractive, user, people explore and promote the sustainable development of enterprises , the long-term development.

Adhere to the people -oriented
Stick around "people-centered " concept of enterprise development , to attract, develop and retain the business industry is closely related to high-level personnel , create a reasonable configuration , structural optimization of elite talent team ; formation of effective macro -and micro- management of human resources development and capacity formation on all levels of employees humane and efficient management ; constantly improve the innovation system of pay and benefits , and corporate brand, size adapted to protect the rational flow to stabilize the backbone of the workforce provide a solid guarantee ; shaping the image of the real estate business excellence employers to build " learning organization " staff development mechanisms to effectively promote the common development of employees and enterprises.

Innovation incentives and performance management system
HENGLIDA adhere to the " people-oriented" concept of talent , standardized human resource management, is committed to building a first-class talent mechanism , " Incentives and sharing" is the core of the waveguide human resources management , the company continued to explore the modern enterprise remuneration system , establish and improve the training system . Dispersed into the company to strengthen the management of the Division staff training , training methods adopted dispersed after the first set , so that pre-service training to cover every employee into the company . The company offers a variety of training opportunities , while allowing employees to positions of internal and external transaction transaction , so that employees play a better role .
In early 2002 began to implement the system of internal Jinggang , to provide staff with more competition and development opportunities. Stick with the vision goals motivate people to cultivate a platform for people with career development , retention and treatment of people with feelings , encourage talent and constantly self-transcendence , boarded a broader stage .